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Welcome to my new 'blog.  Read the description for what it is about, Basically I was inspired to create this because of the Perl Iron Man 'competition', so this will mostly, but not exclusively, be about Perl.  Here are a couple of lists:

Perl stuff I like:
Honourable mention has to go to Term::VT102 which makes me want to go and write Gtk2 + Goo::Canvas frontends for everything in /usr/games

Perl stuff I am ambivalent/generally positive about:
  • Moose; Moose has apparently been production ready since 0.65 but perhaps they should have waited for 1.0 for the deprecations and new features and incompatibilities to be worked out (I am not a fan of release early, release often)
  • MooseX; some of MooseX radically changes Perl syntax (MooseX::Declare, I'm looking at you), for little real benefit
  • Perl6; it seems to have gone too far to not be Perl 5 ('twigils'? and the string concatenation operator is what?), though I do like Parrot
Perl stuff I actively dislike or hate:
  • POE; oh POE, initially you appeared so beautiful and so full of promise, but it turns out you were rotten and twisted inside and I had to leave you
  • wxPerl (and its parent, wxWidgets); I don't understand the attraction of this (Padre, I'm looking at you), Tk and Gtk2 can both run cross platform (even on Windows) and have better event loops that even support file handle events
  • META.yml; YuckAML

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