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mail problems?


We recently moved our server and did just general cleaning up of unneeded crap. If your or mail has stopped working, its for what we consider a good reason.

If you disagree feel free to discuss it with us.


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Julie and James married Saturday May 7th 2005 in Las Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

just another day of bombs away


found this video at (seems to have been removed from there for some reason), called bombs-away, very pink floyd sounding. the video is very hard to watch, but I've taken the audio of the song and made it into an mp3 for your listening.

Download it here.

mothman in Vegas!

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Helloooooooooooo everyone! Have a look at this great picture of mothman at none other than The World of Coke in Las Vegas!!! :) :) Are you surprised that he's there? Of course not!!! :) He bought a small coke baseball bat so he can beat away all the idiots he encounters!

mothman In Vegas

Joolee's Mom is a Gray

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Think about it, people. She's small, has an unfeasably large brain, lives entirely off coca cola. And now she's going to nevada..???
Am I alone in thinking that for the past 3 years, we have been chatting to a Visitor?
I hope they have adsl in Area 51.

Joolee's Sister

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Hello hello......please have a look at this lovely page with these LOVELY pictures that my great and wonderful sister took! :)

Lightning Pictures

merry christmas everyone