July 2009 Archives

Everything Old Is New Again


You may have noticed a few freshly added links to the sidebar, and if you are really paying attention you'll probably realise they are not so much new, as returning links. 

The Chat Stats page has made its return almost unchanged, but the Guestbook and Pictures sections (now partially re-dubbed 'User Gallery') have been re-designed and re-built for your viewing pleasure. 

New to the Guestbook is the use of reCAPTCHA captchas to curb the tide of spam there and e-mail and URL filters, so those can be entered and not harvested by travelling spam-robots.

The Gallery (formerly Pictures) has been totally re-designed (The original 'design' was one huge page with thumbnails of all the pictures on it) and now features User Categories (basically indicating a chatter's frequency of chatting), multiple pages and an expanded Individual Picture page.  The new Individual Picture page now includes Nick, Description, URL and Status fields, as well as a means for people to comment on each picture (with a reCAPTCHA captcha to keep it spam free, of course). 

Both the Guestbook and Individual Picture pages have RSS feeds that you can add to your feed reader, Google Reader or Live Bookmarks.

Also recently added are a number of methods of connecting to our IRC servers: 

The last two should work anywhere web-browsing works.

Thank you, you may now return to your scheduled whatever it is you were doing.