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Hello Windows Users!

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Tired of endless exploits against your widely used but rather insecure operating system? We recommend the Core Force security system. It protects your computer, learns your (inter)network habits keeping your computer safe from known and uknown exploits (Santa Claus Worm anyone?). In addition its based on OpenBSD's Pf packet filter, which is double plus good.

And Its Free.

Innocence in the Flesh!

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All right. So it's been forever since anybody has entered anything on here, so I have taken this duty upon myself. As moth would put it: slackers. Here are some updated pictures of me .... and one that practically radiates with my angelic innocence. The last one. :)


Another one in white, at the same time as the previous one.
Going partying. Yarr.
In a sweater, going to dinner.
Halloween image. In corset again. Just for snoops and nightshift. :) Why don't you go suck some cock?
Another Halloween one.
BIG SMOOCH! I miss my tan.
Picture taken for a Medieval Faire contest... I failed showing up though, so I don't think I won. ;_;
Doink. Doink.
Drunken night. 12/02/05. Fantastic. In my PJ shirt.
Really cold out. I love my hat. :) I look like a little girl.