Revenge is Sweet

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once there was this boy called Dusty, who pissed off the OPS!!

BTW:- paintball is LOADS of fun for 30 seconds before you get shot ....


my lil bro has been paintballin and i wanna go but dat shit looks like it hurts. were u not padded down? cuz i wlda been. hope that gets better soon.


Thats worse than mine!kiss better..;) love Des

Hey its not that bad.... I wanna have a go, *grabs a gun*

Hey!looks painfull!! hope you reply ONE DAY!!!*Yuri

your shcool mail wont let me reply all the time

Awww.... that's just sad! i thought (only for a little moment) that you're mad at me. or......your to busy with "someone" else.... Luv*

I LOVE MY GF DES !!!! w00t!!!!!
*wonders if he gonna get smooched fer saying that ;)*