a few changes

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we've changed a few things, hopefully for the better.

  • new logo on all the pages
  • guestbook and stats now have the same colourscheme as the rest of the site
  • CGI Chat is now using our server, tell us if it seems faster/more reliable/whatever
  • pictures on the picture page are now sorted (finally) alphabetically
  • google ads on the right, and links to get firefox and thunderbird
  • the news feed can now be opened and understood in any XSLT supporting browser

I'd also like to announce we have a few more people willing to post news here


NEWS: my left toe started itching ... kinda cool, the tingle .. oh the tingle ....
I am be likin teh change

Wiggy, nice changes moth, site looks cool, although the stats colours seem to conflict with each other, maybe i just need to get used to it though

yeah, you just need to get used to it ...