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guestbook enhancements

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so after fixing the style of the guestbook, I added a couple more features to it:



Jube has made it onto the pictures page. Say hi!

a few changes

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we've changed a few things, hopefully for the better.

  • new logo on all the pages
  • guestbook and stats now have the same colourscheme as the rest of the site
  • CGI Chat is now using our server, tell us if it seems faster/more reliable/whatever
  • pictures on the picture page are now sorted (finally) alphabetically
  • google ads on the right, and links to get firefox and thunderbird
  • the news feed can now be opened and understood in any XSLT supporting browser

just another day of bombs away


found this video at archive.org (seems to have been removed from there for some reason), called bombs-away, very pink floyd sounding. the video is very hard to watch, but I've taken the audio of the song and made it into an mp3 for your listening.

Download it here.

author! author!

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if you want to post news here, then contact me.

(if you don't know how to contact me, then you won't be posting here)

African Backgrounds

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Jube has asked me to mention that he has created a site featuring some cool african photographs you can use for backgrounds. You can also purchase them as photo stock for other uses:
African Backgrounds