changes in the pipeline

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First thing you may notice, is the new Newsletter box, for you guys to sign up for random, semi monthly crap that i think up.

Soon the Guestbook and Statistics will be integrated better into the look and feel of the website. For Guestbook that has already begun.

As this is a season of change, please add comments on anything else you want to see change, thanks.

*edited to spell PIPELINE correctly*


feel free to comment, now that i've opened it for comments

hooray for blonde moments

moth? can you fix it so we can comment? oh, you did that .. kthnx :)

Love And Nature's

can we align that so website is more in the middle ?

what?? *ouch ouch no, stop hitting me, ouch ouch*

Cool. maybe getting the oics going again? and keep it updated... it always interesting to see who you are chatting to...

As for one to my previous comment, I'll send my pic in... Any other takers? C'mon people!!!

so no more comments?