Silly Spam

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I got this GREAT spam mail sent to me, but in the heading, it says it was sent to Gwen. Have a look!


guinevere these local babes want a bone! find one in your area!

bone local hoes

Any given purple boots looks around.
Our fancy cat makes sound.
round-shaped hairy laptop falls.
Her small round-shaped little omprella spit.
given small omprella calms-down.
Our smart soft sport shoes stands-still however,
a odd shaped underwares lies.
His soft mp3 player calculates.
Their tall t-shirt
fidgeting the time that our well-crafted table spit.
Our round-shaped expensive
hairy computer prepare for fight.
Any given fancy bottle smiles.
Our tall mobile
phone is on fire as soon as his soft bed lies and perhaps their golden recycle bin
makes sound.
Any tall baby arrives.
Whose white glasses run while his small bed
A given well-crafted dog lies at the place that any soft dog walks.
given stupid underwares smiles.
Our children noisy hairy exam book show its
His brothers round-shaped beautiful exam book show its value.
Mine round
fancy bicycle prepare for fight and still his odd shaped eraser snores while whose
shining fancy balloon makes sound while their hairy stupid gun looks around while
any given slopy mouse smells.
His brothers stupid bra arrives.
A given white
camera makes sound.
Mine little white kitchen stares.
His brothers tall beautiful
shining printer arrives.
Our noisy hairy kitchen arrives.
Our purple printer


LOL That is the most random shit I've ever read x,x I misssss you guys!!!