New Home

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Welcome to #love_and_nature's new

Reason for our move is because there were issues that could not be resolved between the management of KnightNet and the chatters of #love_and_nature.

We hope you all enjoy our new home on

CGI has been forwarded to our new server so feel free to use it! :)


Curious ...... ! So what led to this radical departure?
I've been out of it for so long, please excuse my ignorance and while youre at it give Mothballman the customary slap on my behalf ...*snigger*

by now i'm sure dah has seen the yahoogroups mail message ... but anyway

lets just say that knightnet administration crossed a couple of lines in relation to love and nature which were unacceptable to us and made it impossible for us to continue working with them.

that is all.

hello all i am so happy i found the group again i still miss my honey bunny with issues gwen because she'll always be my favorite and aphropuff also and all the hot yummy gurls of my favorite chat room and i just hope militarymom is still around because a 3some with me her and gwen would be dreamy and all you guys can watch but not touch...... i'll see ya all soon save the hot seat for me oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees gwen......