Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places...

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To: reign@loveandnature.co.za
From: team@adultfriendfinder.com

Dear ReIgN5000,

Thank you for being a member of Adult Friendfinder. This email is to remind you that you have 1 unread email(s) older than 7 days. Unread messages older than 60 days will be automatically deleted, so please log back in and read your mail! The most successful members on the site respond promptly to email from other members!


Sadly enough for Reign, he will never get this mail...it came directly to the spam mailbox setup on the server.


reign you pr0n whore never realised that you were in such desperate times
maybe you should join chilli in the cupboard

I think ill use a different email adress from now on.

but anyway HaHa :P