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stats and pictures made better..

some people just suck


xname.org was(is) a provider of free primary and secondary name servers on the internet. guess some people don't like free things, maybe they just need a hug;

Erotic Festival Day


January 22nd isn't JUST Answer Your Cat's Question Day, it's also Erotic Festival Day! What does this mean for us? Who the hell knows! However, I did find it fitting to our locals! :) Enjoy your day!!!

Subject: You have unread email in your Message Center.
To: reign@loveandnature.co.za
From: team@adultfriendfinder.com

Dear ReIgN5000,

Thank you for being a member of Adult Friendfinder. This email is to remind you that you have 1 unread email(s) older than 7 days. Unread messages older than 60 days will be automatically deleted, so please log back in and read your mail! The most successful members on the site respond promptly to email from other members!


Sadly enough for Reign, he will never get this mail...it came directly to the spam mailbox setup on the server.

Reminder (the edited version)

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Just a short reminder. If you are lacking a spinal column or a brain stem, you may NOT view ANY of the content on this page. Close the window or go to disney.com if you feel you shouldn't be here.


Joolee's Sister

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Hello hello......please have a look at this lovely page with these LOVELY pictures that my great and wonderful sister took! :)

Lightning Pictures


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The blog is back!! And twice as nasty. Go look, be disgusted, look again and throw up.

new stats

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this paragraph contains a bad word. knightnet staff and persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to read it.

we're currently boasting and trying a new stats program which updates the stats everyday on the servers so that i dont have to manually do it. its called kmozstats and i'm the lead developer and like all my software its currently experiencing some online difficulties with the 'big numbers' section.

anyway, if there is anything you'd like to see there, please just 'comment' below and i'll make sure that its there :)

and yes, 'fuck sayers' will be there soon.

New Cool Guy Blog Page


Hello hello....have a look and seeeeeeeee! This is the Cool Guy Blog page! It definitly looks spiffy...but that's because I made it. :)

Cool Guy Blog Page

Groovey 'ness

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Erm ok this is my first post .. it's a test so it might suck.. eheh


ok.. here goes .. im clicking Save now... no wait.. now!


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Yarr, blogs are way useful. Now we can share senseless things with more people!!!

some actual news


quearwig wrote L&N a (country) theme song

you'll find it at the new Cool Guy page @

also there is the bloopers of the valentines radio show (otherwise known as the radio show that didn't suck)

new news page

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welcome to the new blog-based loveandnature news page


hopefully coming soon to http://www.loveandnature.co.za/