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It has never been proven that smoking is bad for you. Sure, if you smoke 40 a day, you will get sick, but compare this to eating 40 mac burgers a day, or drinking 40 cups of coffee a day. Anything in excess is bad for you!
I dislike smoking, and dislike smokers who smoke in public with no regard for the stench they create, that sticks to your clothes and in your hair and is just gross!
This link is so gross i just had to post it!!! so cool :)

Dont Kiss a Smoker

GROSS!!! EW EW EW EW EW !!!!! THMOKE!!!!!!


yes a webpage that consists entirely of poorly written javascript and flash is pretty disgusting.


nothing wrong with kissing smokers, but hey, you've kissed, what, 0 or 1 smokers so far?


combine this with the fact that more young people are smoking and smokers are starting much younger and i can see why this bothers you.

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