Italian Ass

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Moth is helping me with a job to setup a firewall openbsd style!
The italian ass wants it to be autmated, in terms of rules and users etc, but, he wants to be in control, and he changes his mind and this and that and he is just an ass ..
i have found a way around this! .. it appears he is very timid and submissive when talking to my boss. My boss is on my side. hehe! This makes things pretty easy!
Lesson, when in doubt, when in trouble, call the boss! bosses are there for a reason!
I am off focus, i have lost focus, i cant even concentrate on one page of a book, or walking staright, or anything. My head is just not in the right place, my thoughts are drifting, my mind is elsewhere! I think my mind went to go find my heart!
someone tell me how to subconciously stop grinding me TEETH!
i hate stress :(


stop grinding your teeth! *sends out subconscious brain waves* :D
so why is the italian ass timid around your boss? isnt your boss italian too? is he the better italian!? maybe they should have a duel.
im being silly. but then again, i am always silly *is a silly guava sock*
i hope u get focused :( *helps you find your heart*

STOP GRINDING TEETH! ^^ hehe. *hugs*

ehehe, *stops grinding his teeth*
ur so cute *hugs* luv ya

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