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more photos

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So, i run around taking pictures of cool things. This is a pic taken with my cellphone, which sucks1!!! none of the other pics came out nicely, but i will be using the palm more till i get a Digital Camera

Happy New Year Everybody
*hugs everybody* (even jack)

Your Opinions! think i could try my hand at photography?


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i am the most uncreative person ever! but this is the most artistic thing i ever done! orchid.jpg it was at some farm in the mountains, but its nice and cemetrical(sp?)

Famous People

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I am famous, i know famous people!!!!!
I also have influence over them :D mwahahahah
Conrad Gallagher was watching Anthony W Thompson cooking on tv ... um .. ok
i fix his computers
woot ... or something
also, he shoved a wad of notes into my hand for sending his wedding pictures to a journalist! hehehe i sound so elite


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Apparently listning to music by Bach and reading books and having intellegable arguments make you smarter! Well, i like Bach, and most classical music, and i like books, and i should probably read more. I really enjoy a good argument with moth! He is one of the smartest people i know, and probably one of the smartest people on the planet, so, he is always right, and erm, fun to argue with!
i have found physical hard, yet mindless, work very relaxing. I made a ton of flyleads (network cables) and its the same mindless thing over and over, yet you have to put some concentration into it, cause, you have to make the colours match on both sides! i could make flyleads all day, cept for the blisters on the fingers!
I must ask teh_moth something! *runs*

my brain is broken


I really dont feel good, infact, i feel really depressed, and i feel like giving up on everything and everyone. like, i just want to disappear so that life will leave me alone, and yet, i fear life will follow me into my darkness, I could never be alone, i always have this darkness, this depression.
hey, look, i am in full blogging swing! i can be all depressive again! yay or summing.
my skin grows cold, with every chilly breath, i feel so old, i feel close to death, would it matter if i die, when life gives me one last sigh, and all is gone free from this place, and lifes long walk i no longer face!
I'm out .. cya

Italian Ass

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Moth is helping me with a job to setup a firewall openbsd style!
The italian ass wants it to be autmated, in terms of rules and users etc, but, he wants to be in control, and he changes his mind and this and that and he is just an ass ..
i have found a way around this! .. it appears he is very timid and submissive when talking to my boss. My boss is on my side. hehe! This makes things pretty easy!
Lesson, when in doubt, when in trouble, call the boss! bosses are there for a reason!
I am off focus, i have lost focus, i cant even concentrate on one page of a book, or walking staright, or anything. My head is just not in the right place, my thoughts are drifting, my mind is elsewhere! I think my mind went to go find my heart!
someone tell me how to subconciously stop grinding me TEETH!
i hate stress :(

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