Famous People

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I am famous, i know famous people!!!!!
I also have influence over them :D mwahahahah
Conrad Gallagher was watching Anthony W Thompson cooking on tv ... um .. ok
i fix his computers
woot ... or something
also, he shoved a wad of notes into my hand for sending his wedding pictures to a journalist! hehehe i sound so elite


ah, (very) minor celebrity bingo here we come

apparently he is more famous in ireland! this is not ireland ... i diddnt know who he was, but apparently he has had the fortune of insulting bono!

if i insult bono will i become famous in ireland too??? w00t! mwaha
*runs off to find bono*
... anyone have his address?

who would want to be famous in ireland? it can't be any good if it causes you to move to south africa of all places.

thats true, and ireland is so cold, atleast they can drink and have that riverdance music thingy!!!

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