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Apparently listning to music by Bach and reading books and having intellegable arguments make you smarter! Well, i like Bach, and most classical music, and i like books, and i should probably read more. I really enjoy a good argument with moth! He is one of the smartest people i know, and probably one of the smartest people on the planet, so, he is always right, and erm, fun to argue with!
i have found physical hard, yet mindless, work very relaxing. I made a ton of flyleads (network cables) and its the same mindless thing over and over, yet you have to put some concentration into it, cause, you have to make the colours match on both sides! i could make flyleads all day, cept for the blisters on the fingers!
I must ask teh_moth something! *runs*

Oh, the topic is books, i need really good mythical or fantasy books, nothing too dark. Things like Pendragon Cycle, and In The Halls of the Dragon King, and such books!
moth has already given me a huge list, but other opinions would be welcome!
thankyou and goodnight


weeeeeeell,i could suggest the wheel of time series, its awesome, Robert Jordan. Memories of ice by Steven Erikson(and house of chains which is the sequel)(and dead house gates is the prequel) is really good. only forward by micheal marshall smith! tho thats more sci fi than fantasy. aaand, the axis trilogy (battle axe, enchanter and starman) by Sara Douglas, which is amazing. i have a load of other books that are very good too...
meehehehe. *hugs* ^^

i'm sure you've read all the books i've ever recommended, so here are some more:

the chronicles of thomas covenant the unbeliever (stephen r donaldson) though the third and final chronicles are not yet complete.

tolkein should really be the first fantasy choice, ie the lord of the rings, the silmarillion and the unfinished tales (not! the! hobbit!).

robert jordan is way overhyped and his work too derivative and cliched (and has RPGs based on it, ffs). steven erikson is good if you actually like martial fantasy (can't say i do). both of these series are aimed to be/are at 10 books each.

only forward is an attempt at both sci-fi and fantasy, and it shows. the 2nd half of the book is a bit too "fantastic" for the moderately ok sci-fi beginning.

if you want to get into sci-fi (its worth the trip, i don't really see the overarching fascination for fantasy in some technical people, sci-fi being more of an obvious choice. I guess the same goes for the odd behaviour of people over 15 "liking" animation for children of a different country, in a different language), you should start with the classics like: a scanner darkly; valis; divine invasion; the man who japed; deus irae; man in the high tower (all by philip k dick) as well as the short story collections by the same author; robert heinlein's the moon is a harsh mistress, stranger in a strange land (ignore starship troopers though); aldous huxley's brave new world (and revisited) and island; isaac asimov's foundation series and robot stories; arthur c. clarke's 2001 and 2010 (avoiding his other 20xx books) and h.g. wells's time machine and war of the worlds. (some of these approach the "science fantasy" category, and some may be too dark i guess)

non-fiction is also worth reading whether history or hard science or philosophy. i'd start a list but the library/ have one already.

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