WTF is Magview?!?!?!

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ok, so... what is magview? and why do unisa use it?!?!?! you would think, being a universaty, they would be full of smart people that realise that PDF is the way to go ... so I ask you ... WTF is magview ?!?!?!?


unisa used to use pdfs, 10+ years ago or so...
i'm so glad they going with the times and using something that looks like it was developed in 1986.


Magview is the future!! have u been locked away secluded in chat rooms and bsd discussions that u havent noticed that times are a changin? *twitches*
Heres my world sock domination plan (realise that youre privileged to hear this) (well sort of) (not really) (just no one else wants to listen to my plan and i have to tell someone!)
First, the clothes and fashion sense goes back to the 80's.
Secondly the *gasp* hair styles (the horror >_< but then what else are domination plans but for horror? socky horror)
Thirdly, introduce a systim what teechas ppl hw too speell adn grammar write. typos horifie me
Fourthly, destroy all kiwi fruit!
And finally, turn all PDF users into MAGVIEW USERS!!
Mwhahahahahahaahahaha*cough**choke**hack*haha*cough*...ha..*clears throat*
are u terrorised yet?

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