Zisou Head Butt


Zizou as seen by the germans:



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It has never been proven that smoking is bad for you. Sure, if you smoke 40 a day, you will get sick, but compare this to eating 40 mac burgers a day, or drinking 40 cups of coffee a day. Anything in excess is bad for you!
I dislike smoking, and dislike smokers who smoke in public with no regard for the stench they create, that sticks to your clothes and in your hair and is just gross!
This link is so gross i just had to post it!!! so cool :)

Dont Kiss a Smoker

GROSS!!! EW EW EW EW EW !!!!! THMOKE!!!!!!

Non Conformity


I have recently been having problems with vodacom and wbs/iburst. I emailed them asking them what the problems might be, and cc thoes emails to one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, my good friend mothman.
The responses were dissapointing, as they both assume i run windows even after stating in my emails that i run OpenBSD (a proactivly secure unix like OS)
notice UNIX!!!!, the following are the email responses and teh_moths input on these issues. Well written teh_moth.



Notice how many internet lines between UK and USA ... and South Africa and EVERYWHERE!


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I gots me a TATTOO!!! init cute?


Fridays Virus, Microsoft Woes


techmuse writes "According to an article in Information Week, Microsoft is aware that the 'Kama Sutra/Blackworm/MyWife' worm will hit on Friday, overwriting office documents, but will not release a patch until its regular monthly patch release on February 14th. Unless, that is, you subscribe to one of Microsoft's pay security services, in which case your machine will have the worm removed in advance." From the article: "The blog offered no explanation why the tool wouldn't be updated earlier, nor did Microsoft immediately respond to questions. Each month, Microsoft pushes a revised tool to Windows users who have Automatic Update enabled for Windows Update or Microsoft Update. The Redmond, Wash.-based company has released the Malicious Software Removal Tool off-schedule once before, in August 2005, shortly after the Zotob worm began striking Windows 2000 systems."


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BIRTHDAY 25 2 X 3 (1).JPG


Its my Birthday and i'll cry if i want to, die if i want to .. but i dont want to, so thats ok ... *hums*


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blond, dusty blond


ok, its not blond, just some nice copper coloured streaks. I like it, not alot, cause it makes ur hair all dry and knotty, but, it looks ok :)
Click READ MORE for pictures!!!



Despite my best efforts, i have found i am unable to sketch anything! However, the invention of the pencil does intreuge me! I will find out more about it and .. and .. become wise ... or something
The reason i am interested in sketching is because of a friend of mine, who is an amazingly talented artist.
He has deemed me unteachable tho. http://bobthefilterpuppy.deviantart.com
I will attempt more sketching and post if i get anything right.